Abdel Ibrahim of The Tech Block interviews Gentry Underwood of Mailbox:

No technology ever dies completely, so in some senses it’s easy to promise that email will stick around. But more to the point, email is a “we” technology. You or I don’t decide to use it – “we” do. You may attempt to quit checking email, but you’ll still be receiving them. Sooner or later you’ll likely cave in and start checking it again (perhaps after one-too-many missed invitations, etc.). If we’re going to stop using email we’re going to have to all decide to do that at the same time, and that’s a big, big thing to ask.

I really cannot wait to see what happens when everyone starts using Mailbox in a few weeks. It has changed my work life dramatically for the better. It’s a true revelation.

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    I’m really looking forward to Mailbox, and this sounds like they understand why email is a problem. I loathe dealing...
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    I’d never thought of email as a ‘We’ technology before — now I can’t think of it as anything else. Interesting. Also,...
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    The “soon to be” popular mail app
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