And yet another CES-slam (notice a trend?), this time from Mat Honan of Wired. He argues that the reason CES doesn’t matter anymore is simply because hardware doesn’t matter anymore:

This is a problem for CES, which has never really been a show about software. As software matters more and more, CES matters less and less. The internet is already the world’s largest trade show. Gadget blogs are the new conventions. The hottest products are all in app stores, or on Kickstarter. Sure, big electronics shows offer the opportunity to meet people and forge relationships. But even that transaction is being moved online in the era of real-time social media.

Smart thoughts. Though I’d argue more in the direction of the importance of hardware + software (hence, Apple).

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    The lean remains on hardware, and software is a means to an end. What matters to we fleshly beings is something physical...
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