jasonpbecker asked:

Would you say that what Apple's earnings reveal is releasing the new iMac may have been a mistake? Yield/manufacturing capacity wasn't sufficient to meet demand, even without evidence of a massive bump due to the new form factor. Given the massive change to the rest of the lineup, maybe Apple should have held off on iMac form factor updates until Q1 or Q2 2013 or released a more modest change.

If you’re thinking from a pure investor standpoint, that’s probably a fair assessment. Apple clearly slipped up from a supply standpoint and, as a result, it partially screwed up their earnings. But Apple has a history of shipping products when they’re ready not when Wall Street would like them. I think to do the latter would be a huge mistake, obviously.

There’s no question that Apple screwed up here, but they perhaps should have pushed the iMac slightly to meet consumer demand, not Wall Street.

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