I’ve finally read through most of the Surface Pro reviewsnot surprisingly, Microsoft did not send me one (though I did briefly play with a couple last week). What’s hilarious — and already pointed out by John Gruber — is that nearly every single review goes on and on about how the Surface Pro is a product full of frustrating compromises. This is in stark contrast to Microsoft’s statements while building Windows 8 that it would be all about “no compromises”.

I mean, just read Joanna Stern’s ABC News title for chrissakes: Microsoft Surface Pro Review: A Tablet/Laptop Hybrid With Compromises.

It’s almost as if Microsoft time traveled a few months ago to read today’s reviews for the Surface Pro, then went back to try to brainwash everyone with the opposite rhetoric — only to have it backfire miserably. I mean, it’s really amazing how nearly every reviewer came to exact opposite conclusion of Steven Sinofsky’s “no compromises”.

Or maybe it’s not, because it never really made sense to begin with. As I wrote last August:

I’m really not sure that Sinofsky understands the definition of “compromise”. Several of his own commenters wonder the same thing. As a refresher:

Compromise, noun: a middle state between conflicting opinions or actions reached by mutual concession or modification

Um, that’s precisely what Windows 8 sounds like.

As Sinofsky describes it, Windows 8 offers both the traditional Windows experience as well as the new Metro-based one because they saw the arguments for doing it both ways. So they… wait for it… compromised!

This is important because rarely do such compromises work. Yes, everyone wants to keep their cake and eat it too. But sometimes when you force this indecisiveness in the faces of users, you run the risk of them making a third choice: neither.

Again, judging from today’s reviews, that is the choice users will make. Unless, of course, you believe John Biggs of TechCrunch:

In short, the Surface Pro is so good that it could drive Windows 8 adoption with enough force to make people reconsider Microsoft’s odd new OS. Microsoft bet the farm on a new paradigm and it needs a champion. Surface Pro is the right hardware for the job.

Granted, I’ve only seen and played with the thing for a few minutes, but my initial impression (guided somewhat by my experience with the Windows RT Surface) was strong enough that I felt confident in my micro-review earlier (before these full reviews hit). This device will simply add to the shitshow that is Windows 8 thus far.

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    The Verge’s review stated that “It tries to do everything, but misses doing anything really well.” That’s more or less...
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