Albumatic, At Last

Everyone now has a camera in their pocket at all times. That camera is connected to the internet at all times. That camera is capable of being utilized by hundreds of thousands of apps. Those apps all have social graphs that allow you to connect with other internet-connected camera-carrying friends. It’s almost inexplicable that there isn’t a killer social photo album service yet.

And yet, despite many (many, many, many, many) failed attempts, there isn’t. So perhaps I’ll sound foolish thinking that Albumatic is going to be the one. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t feel like it is.

We all remember Color. Yes, that Color. Yes, I probably just jinxed Albumatic by mentioning Color. Anyway, I remember Color better than most because I actually really liked the service. Insane hype, funding, and antics aside, it seemed like something that should exist. Mobile photos automatically grouped together based on location. Yes, the random person element was weird. But if you happened to be around only friends, Color was actually pretty awesome.

Albumatic taps into what was good about Color and leaves behind all the bullshit. I’ve been testing it for a few weeks and I’m hooked.

Again, this feels like the app that should have existed from day one on the iPhone. Sometimes such inevitable apps don’t catch on at first due to timing. Sometimes it’s more about execution. My sense is that it’s a combination here as usual.

The iPhone camera is now really great and people are using it as their main or only camera. The newest iPhones have LTE connectivity ensuring many pictures can be uploaded quickly. Location services on the devices are finally reaching mainstream appeal. And other services like Instagram have turned everyone into a picture-taker.

Albumatic takes all of those factors and adds a simple, yet intuitive way make social photo albums appealing. Well, hopefully, this time.

 You can find Albumatic in the App Store here.

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