Leslie Kaufman of NYT looking at the failure of the Nook:

But while tablet sales exploded over the Christmas season, Barnes & Noble was not a beneficiary. Buyers preferred Apple devices by a long mile but then went on to buy Samsung, Amazon and Google products before those of Barnes & Noble, according to market analysis by Forrester Research.

The paragraph just before this one talks about the rave reviews the new Nook received as it went on sale. It’s a solid reminder that sometimes being good just isn’t enough.

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    I love my $75 nook color - easy to root and run, and there’s a microindustry selling sd cards that let less geeky users...
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    I have a nook simple, love it. It lets me read, it’s small, and is touch (no keypad). Eink display is good enough for...
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    This makes me really sad :(
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