I’m not sure which is more strange:

1) That Phil Schiller would say anything the day before a big Samsung event.

2) That Phil Schiller would say anything, period.

3) That Schiller doesn’t mention Samsung, but mentions Android.

4) That WSJ sort of throws him under the bus with their headline (and rightfully so, in this case). It’s so rare for this type of interview; normally you only see one that is heavily teed-up to help Apple in some way. The very lede: “Apple Inc. is on the defensive.” — does not help Apple in any way, shape, or form. Good for WSJ.

5) That this article has two authors — Ian Sherr and Jessica E. Lessin — and it’s less than 300 words.

I guess you could argue that Apple is fighting up here, since Android is “winning” the market share battle. But I fail to see how this statement is a smart maneuver. It makes Apple look vulnerable. Weird.

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    And that the writers didn’t push back at all and that he used the same talking points in an interview with Bloomberg and...
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    Agreed. This isn’t an interview at all. It makes me wonder if this whole thing is real.
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