Anthony Ha for TechCrunch:

Yet when I watched House of Cards, I really enjoyed the space between the episodes, when I could wonder about what happens next and anticipate the next time I’d have an hour or two to catch up. That’s not a new idea — in fact, it’s one of the main pleasures of television. But I think it’s something people lose sight of when they talk about bold new distribution models.

I agree, this topic is being lost in the larger debate. I believe I prefer the House of Cards model for the same reason I’ve long preferred watching shows on DVD rather than when they air — I like to binge.

But I do miss some of the “watercooler” effect of everyone talking about what just happened on Lost this week — something which the very existence of Twitter has essentially perfected. There’s still definitely a watercooler effect with House of Cards but it’s more about the show in general rather than specific plot points since we’re all likely at different parts of the show right now (unless we’re doing with season 1 already, of course).

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    There’s always a price to pay.
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    Agreed. I found the discussions started “have you watched House Of Cards”? (As in, the whole thing.)
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    In countries where Netflix isn’t available (like India) we pretty much binge watch everything. Loved ‘House of Cards.’...
  7. msg said: yeah rex first turned me on to the concept of website reviewing episodes are done in new model…
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    I think that the sense of community can be lost in the binging, insofar as it’s (often) a solitary event. But, at the...
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