Ed Bott:

If this were a political race, a 50 percent overall approval rating would be a solid base from which to start.


Sure, you can use some convoluted guesstimations based on Amazon rating gobbledygook to deduce that people “like” Windows 8 somewhere in between Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Or you could just look at sales. And not just bullshit “sales” to OEM partners. Actual sales.

I still like my “shitshow” prediction from last year. This is all playing out exactly as I imagined it would. And I believe that will continue, even after Windows “Blue”.

The problem is twofold. 1) Windows 8 is mainly a turd — further turdified by shitty products like the Surface. 2) The PC industry as a whole is dying and Microsoft has no competent horse in the next-gen game.  

So let’s revisit this Windows 8 satisfactory nonsense towards the end of the year when we can see some sales data — at least as a shadow of Microsoft’s financial performance, shall we?

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