If Microsoft Were The Inventors Of Facebook Home, They’d Have Invented Facebook Home

Here we go again.

Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s head of communications, took to the company blog today to “congratulate” Facebook on the launch of Facebook Home. Except that he’s not really congratulating Facebook, he’s passive-aggressively signaling the old “WE DID THIS FIRST!!!” whiny bullshit that Microsoft loves to pull from time to time.

Microsoft, by way of Shaw, seems annoyed that Facebook is getting all this buzz for something they believe they did in 2011 with Windows Phone.  They’re pissed off that such a fact which seems so obvious to them wasn’t brought up enough yesterday, so they’re bringing it up themselves. 

Not mentioned is that it wasn’t brought up because Windows Phone, while a good product in many regards, is a complete after-thought in the smartphone market. You can yell “FIRST!!!” as loudly as you want to try to change that, but that never works. 

Said another way: If you guys were the inventors of Facebook Home, you’d have invented Facebook Home.

What’s deliciously awkward here is that Microsoft is actually an investor in Facebook, and a close partner. It must be especially maddening that Facebook would choose to utilize (or “spoon”) a product by their chief rival — hence Shaw’s comments about Android in his post. 

I’ll just repeat what I said a year ago on a similar matter:

If you have to tell people you won, you lost.

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    Microsoft is being “that" guy.You know I once had this idea for a coffee review website. Turns out only like 1000 people...
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    It’s all about execution. MSFT executed badly, as they have done on every product for the last few years.
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    “If you have to tell people you won, you lost.”
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    If you to people you won, you lost.
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