On Tumblr, A Fresh Start

As I suspect most people who blog as a profession will tell you, it can be hard to keep up a personal blog too. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone. So I’ve decided to switch things up.

Over the years, I’ve run my personal blog on a couple different platforms, Blogger, and then WordPress. Now I’m going to try Tumblr. Why? because I like its simplicity. And they’ve finally added enough features (pages, likes, etc) that I’m interested to try it out more in a regular fashion (I’ve had another blog, ParisLime, that I’ve run on Tumblr for years, but was even worse at keeping up with that).

So, here’s parislemon.com on Tumblr. I even purchased one of those fancy new templates and hacked it up just a bit. I suspect I’ll have to do more of that once everyone on Tumblr starts using this theme (Scaffold, by Mike Harding) because it is that great. For now, it’s mine.

As for all of my old content (5+ years worth), I have it on a server in an undisclosed location. I also have it backed up in an XML file. Unfortunately, Tumblr won’t yet let you import old posts like other blogging platforms do. So for now, it will remain in hiding. Actually, I think that’s kind of nice. A fresh start.

  1. melodymcc said: I’ve been thinking of migrating from Wordpress to Tumblr for a while now. I salute your fresh start. You’re a blog Buddhist.
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