Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet on Microsoft’s earnings today:

The Windows division posted revenues of $5.7 billion for the quarter. After adjusting for the $1.1 billion of revenue related to the Windows Upgrade Offer, the Windows division’s revenue was flat. Windows client net income for the third fiscal quarter of 2013 was $3.46 billion, up from $2.98 billion for the same quarter a year ago.

Some Microsoft watchers seem downright enthusiastic that the numbers were flat. After all, the earlier PC shipment estimates indicated they could have been much worse!

That’s ridiculous.

The (revenue) numbers were flat year-to-year even though Microsoft put a major new version of Windows on the market. In what universe is that good or even decent news? 

I had a sense this is exactly what we’d see today. There are some other variables, like pre-existing OEM deals and enterprise volume licensing, that are masking what is pretty obvious: Windows 8 is a total nightmare. I doubt even the shiniest gloss will cover that up next quarter.

As for the glaring omission — you know, actual sales numbers, Foley:

I’m curious when and if Microsoft provides a new update on number of Window 8 licenses sold. Maybe that will happen at Computex or TechEd North America — both happening the first week of June this year? In any case, today’s silence on this front is … interesting.


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