On To Google Ventures

It was almost exactly 19 months ago that I laid down the proverbial writer’s pen and picked up the less proverbial pen for writing checks. It has been an amazing experience getting a fund up and running, learning, and ultimately, making a lot of wonderful investments. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to dive deeper by joining Google Ventures as a general partner.

Just as I took my time in deciding to switch careers a year-and-a-half ago, I’ve been talking with the Google Ventures team for a few months now. After getting to know the partners and hearing the vision for the fund laid out by managing partner Bill Maris, it became clear that this would ultimately be a perfect fit.

Google Ventures sits in a truly unique space within the venture capital industry. They have the resources to make investments at any stage, but more importantly, they have the talent and knowledge required to do so. The partnership is brimming with experience when it comes to starting companies, building products, and scaling. 

The firm also has teams in place to help with basically everything an entrepreneur could ever need. These are the highest caliber people in their respective fields all working under one roof to help the portfolio.

Primarily, I’ll still be focusing on seed and early stage investing working alongside partners Wesley Chan and Kevin Rose. I’ll also continue to work closely with CrunchFund to help with the investments we’ve made.

That’s the key here: it’s not about one investor changing teams. It’s about continuing the work of finding, meeting, and helping entrepreneurs and extending it all to a new level.

I cannot thank Michael and Patrick enough for the opportunity to start CrunchFund alongside them. When I look over the portfolio of truly excellent startups and entrepreneurs we’ve brought together (some of which aren’t listed as they’re not public yet), I’m — and you’ll forgive me for using a word that has been all-but-stripped of its meaning by its use on social networks these days — humbled.

As for my writing… I wouldn’t expect much to change. I’ll still be writing columns for TechCrunch and I’ll still be writing here and elsewhere as time permits. 

Obviously, there will be some knowledge that I become privy to that I won’t be able to share — but that’s not any different than it has been with many of the startups I’ve worked with over the past 19 months. The difference now is that some of that knowledge will be about one of the most successul startups of all time: Google.

Yes, they’re letting an Apple fanatic into the building — wild, I know. But as I said, I left the reporting path long ago. I’m on a new path now. Don’t worry, I’m bringing my iPhone with me.

I’ll be taking a little bit of time off as I transition over to Google Ventures, but I can’t wait to get started in a few weeks. 

Update: And here’s Bill’s post on the matter on the Google Ventures blog.

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