Farhad Manjoo on the new Square Stand:

Translation: Credit cards will be here for a good long time. This isn’t a novel admission; Dorsey has always said that he doesn’t think plastic will go away anytime soon. But the launch of the Square Stand—a device engineered to improve the credit card experience—shows how deeply Square is betting on credit cards. It’s as if, after building the Model T, Henry Ford also spent a lot of money to build a faster horse, just to hedge his bets. In this way, Square Stand prompts a deeper question: What if, as wonderful as Square Wallet is, we just never move beyond credit cards? What if people find faster horses good enough?

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    This also aids in easy adoption with is key.
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    What if credit cards are actually the Car in this metaphor and things like NFC are weird experiments on top? In Britain,...
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    What if people find faster horses good enough?
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  13. seldo said: Do you think by taking investment capital from Visa, Square has compromised their ability to truly change the way payments work?
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