It’s now been over a year since Apple unveiled tethering as a part of iPhone 3.0 OS. At the time, while 22 carriers around the world were announced to be supporting it, in the U.S., all Apple could say was that AT&T would be supporting it “later.”

Apple has just unveiled iPhone 4.0 OS. There was no talk of U.S. tethering in the announcement. There’s also been no word from AT&T since late last year — and that was only to correct bloggers who thought “later” meant “later this year” (the nerve!). 

At this point, I’m thinking AT&T might roll out support for this iPhone 3.0 OS feature around the time Apple has iPhone 6.0 OS ready to go.

I have but one simple question: where the fuck is tethering?

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  2. dbooster answered: I’m wondering the same thing here in Japan.
  3. mac answered: It’s is New Zealand
  4. flagpig answered: On the Roger’s network in Canada ;-) I use it from the cottage all the time.
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    AT&T is the only reason I don’t have an iPhone.
  7. paperairplanemob answered: You cannot tether in a box, you cannot tether with a fox, you cannot tether on a boat, you cannot tether on a goat.
  8. ramkumarshankar answered: It’s been here in Singapore since the first day! But yes jokes aside, where the fuck is it?
  9. guichelaar answered: It’s in Holland! I saw it last week!
  10. thoughtpad answered: Hopefully Verizon will get the iPhone and do tethering first.
  11. brixxx answered: it’s when your iphone is connected to your laptop with a USB and acts like a modem so you can go online where your cell comp has coverage.
  12. jaisons answered: I’m sorry MG but your tethering is in another castle.
  13. soopah256 answered: That’d be great if the iPad 3G + WiFi could tether…it’d be a Mifi on steroids.
  14. sex-coffee-and-comicbooks answered: I think it’s the official term for a cellphone being exclusive to one company.
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