Austin Carr:

What’s more, the tips on Foursquare are arguably easier for the startup to parse, enabling the company to call out popular venue features and embed them seamlessly in its search engine. They can range from highlighting the best bar cocktails to the best secret dance clubs to the fastest coffee shop Wi-Fi.

It’s interesting to me that I no longer check-in on Foursquare for the social dynamic, but instead just to see the tips left at the venue I’m at. Those tips, when plentiful, are a goldmine of information about a place. Some of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life are a result of those tips. 

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    Friends are often confused when they hear me reciting Forusquare tips instead of snippits of Yelp reviews. I’d like to...
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    Same here…. Foursquare tips are good to check quickly any recommended dishes. one benefit 4square has over others food...
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    Having just used Foursquare for tips in Puerto Rico I totally agree. They will give advice and warnings. Foursquare is...
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    The #foursquare tips in #CityOfPG still have a ways to go, but they are getting there (and on vacation, tips are more...
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    Haven’t used foursquare in a long time, but perhaps i should revisit? Sounds useful.
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