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Seeing World War Z, and the bit about Israel's "10th man" (which apparently exists in some "Devil's Advocate Office") Seems it could have helped Microsoft from all the recent blunders if there was a high level group that could say "This is stupid". Ever heard of a big tech company that had that type system?

That’s an interesting thought. What if companies had a “VP of Devil’s Advocacy” or the like? Of course, the best companies do this already — have people high up who will weigh all the angles — but what if it was absolutely mandated? “We can only do this if the VP of Devil’s Advocacy approves” type thing.

It sure seems like a lot of stupid things get greenlit simply because someone is afraid to say “no” after so many have said “yes”. Or others pass the buck, hoping someone else will be the one to raise a stink.

A good example today: did everyone really think Tag was a winning idea?

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