Roger Cheng on T-Mobile CEO John Legere:

Instead, Legere (pronounced like “ledger”) delivered a profanity-laden talk that seemed more fitting for a comedy club than a corporate press event. He called AT&T’s network in New York City “crap” and quipped that capped data plans put a crimp on watching porn on phones.

Fascinating guy — for one thing, he used to work for AT&T — who seems to be pretty savvy, at least when it comes to marketing himself as a “rebel”. He’s playing the Will McAvoy — or is it Howard Beale? Bulworth? — role well.

Will it work? Who knows. My guess is T-Mobile sells long before they truly compete with Verizon and AT&T. But it seems good for the industry to have someone like him.

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    I like to hope and tell myself that he’s truly making a difference in the wireless realm, but I am probably incorrect....
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