Larry Dignan:

The advantages to the store-as-fulfillment center plan are that Best Buy can deliver products faster and cheaply. The downside to that strategy is that Best Buy’s in-store inventory visibility isn’t good and the staff may not be as efficient as people in a distribution center.

The conventional wisdom would say that Best Buy’s stores are an albatross around their neck — much like they were for Blockbuster. But what if they can shift them into being more along the lines of warehouses — much like the ones Amazon is trying to build as quickly as possible — for fast local delivery? And what if only a small area of those warehouses were actually a storefront to show off their goods?

This would all take a lot of logistics (and possibly some re-zoning?) but it doesn’t sound like the craziest idea in the world. Again, what if your weakness is actually your strength?

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    But they have way, way too many stores. Bloomberg reported recently that with another 12 warehouses, Amazon will be able...
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    I think the brand is toxic and no amount of reorganization can fix that (just like Blockbuster). The only tiqme I would...
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    gbattle sez: This is a wise move. Amazon has 75 fulfillment centers globally. Best Buy has 1150 stores globally. Once...
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    Sounds like Joly might be onto something. But he can forget the ‘Microsoft Experience Stores’.
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    Interesting take on evolving retail
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    Same concept I proposed for Barnes & Noble.