Anyone else find it a little odd that “Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report” now covers Apple way more than anything else? Including, you know, Microsoft. A cynic may think there were pageviews in writing about Apple or something…

Look at his last 7 posts — 6 of them are about Apple. In the past three weeks, he’s written exactly one post about Microsoft — and it was more about Android.

But it’s not like Microsoft has had any huge news recently. How many posts about Windows 8? 0.

In the latest installment of the Apple Malware Report, Bott notes that the malware authors quickly bypassed Apple’s new signatures. Oh no! Then he has to quickly update when Apple updates those signatures in a matter of hours — but not before he can complain that Apple auto-updater runs only at startup or every 24 hours. Ha.

When the next bit of malware is out there in the wild for 35 seconds, I know I’m going to turn to The Apple Malware Report to read all about it.

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