Ken Auletta on the end of Michael Bloomberg’s tenure as mayor of New York City:

I asked Bloomberg if he could imagine joining the President’s Cabinet. In theory, he said, “it would be fascinating to be Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, jobs like that. Secretary of the Treasury, you want someone who’s a real economist”—and someone “who is maybe less opinionated.” Bloomberg thinks of himself as a team player, as long as it’s his team.

Bloomberg is a fascinating study of how someone with basically unlimited resources can become a major politician overnight. And how such a person can — quite literally — afford to do so without having to cozy up to special interest groups. And sometimes that can work out quite well if that person has reasonably good intentions.

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    I fucks with you but I have to put the nay-no on this. The Stuyvesant Town deal alone proves that Bloomberg’s reputation...
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    Let’s see…. Gave N.Y.P.D. carte blanche to be as abusive an organization that they want to be. Made the City welcome to...
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    I agree with Mr. Seigler’s thought
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