Very savvy move by Apple. You might think they wouldn’t like this guy since he perfected notifications for users who jailbreak their device. But they probably didn’t even think twice about that. They just wanted the best guy for the job.

While we’ve heard that revamped notifications will be a part of iOS 5, it seems very unlikely that any of Hajas’ work made the cut since he’s only been on board a month or so.

But as David Chartier reminds us, Apple hired Rich Dellinger, the guy behind the excellent webOS notification system, way back in early 2010. Any work we see in iOS 5 is likely his. 

Cannot wait. Notifications are my single biggest complaint about iOS currently. I also wonder how they’ll tie in with iCloud. 

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    I admire Jobs because of the level of control he has over his OS, and admire people who hack the system even more...
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    iOS 5, y u take so long?
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