Matthew Panzarino on Apple’s new ‘App Resurrection’ feature that allows users on older builds of iOS to download older builds of apps that will work on their devices:

But there is also no way for developers to re-upload old versions of the apps with those issues fixed. Simply put, a user on an old version of iOS could download an app with issues that are impossible for a developer to ever fix. You can see the nightmare scenario that is cropping up in many developer’s minds here.

It really is great on one hand and shitty on the other.

Update: Apple has addressed the issue by giving the developers the option to opt-out of such functionality. Nice to see them move so quickly on this.

  1. bryan said: Apple actually did clarify that developers can specifically go in and remove the ability for users to download old versions.
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    Ancora due paroline su iOS7, poi basta eh.
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    The double edged sword of allowing fragmentation…
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    貼心的想法,但卻是把責任移嫁給開發者!一般用戶會知道要下載那個版本嗎?難道app store會幫你做選擇?
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