Josh Lowensohn:

Alongside iOS 7’s arrival today, Apple has quietly doubled the size of apps users can download while away from Wi-Fi. That cap is now 100MB, up from the 50MB Apple instituted last March. Before that, the limit was 20MB, something developers began running into problems with as they tried to fit in artwork and other elements into apps that would work on the iPhone and iPad, as well as Retina and non-Retina Display devices. Some developers attempted to get around the issue, designing games to download things like additional levels and content once a user had already installed the software. Beyond apps, the larger size also affects other types of media from the App Store or iTunes, like videos, books, and music.

Bigger news than it may seem like at first. You’d be surprised how many developers have had to cut things in their apps just to be able to get below the previous 50MB limit. 

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