Interesting that consoles are now transforming into handheld systems with TV-viewing optional. I welcome this change. I play games on my iPhone all the time. The Wii? I haven’t used it in over two years.

But can this hybrid model compete with the iPhone? It’s apparently very powerful, but the iPhone will continue to get more powerful — and it will do so every year, unlike consoles which are upgraded every 5 years or so. Soon, the iPhone will be more powerful than this.

And you have the iPhone in your pocket all the time no matter where you are. This? It has a 6.2-inch screen. If you’re going to go big, wouldn’t you rather have a 9.7-inch screen? 

And if we’re comparing it to the iPad, Wii U also has no multi-touch, a mediocre touch screen, and a freaking stylus!? 

But they do have Zelda. And Mario. Those are strong cards. I hope Nintendo plays them well. 

As for “Wii U”? Awful name.

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