Art Brodsky on the state of libraries in the age of digital books:

Imagine walking into a library or bookstore and needing three or four pairs of different glasses to read different books manufactured to specific viewing equipment. Or buying a book and then having to arbitrarily destroy it after say, two weeks. That’s just nuts. But it’s the current situation we’re in with ebooks.

Worse, the economics are awful:

Take the example of J.K. Rowling’s pseudonymous book, Cuckoo’s Calling. For the physical book, libraries would pay $14.40 from book distributor Baker & Taylor — close to the consumer price of $15.49 from Barnes & Noble and of $15.19 from Amazon. But even though the ebook will cost consumers $6.50 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, libraries would pay $78 (through library ebook distributors Overdrive and 3M) for the same thing. Somehow the “e” in ebooks changes the pricing game, and drastically. How else does one explain libraries paying a $0.79 to $1.09 difference for a physical book to paying a difference of $71.50 just because it’s the electronic version? It’s not like being digital makes a difference for when and how they can lend it out.

It’s sad, but it’s hard to imagine a role for the majority of libraries in the future. Maybe they become more like internet cafes (with some great art) or maybe they just fade away…

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    NOT FADE AWAY! Libraries are good; publishers are the evil part of the equation.
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    Or, we could just treat ebook purchasing much closer to paper books when it comes to licensing terms.
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    With all the challenges Amazon takes on, how is this not something they’ve addressed? Doesn’t it seem that they could...
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    I first want to comment on the issue of libraries paying way more for a digital book than we do and waymore than anyone...
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    My favorite ideas have been remodeling them into more of a maker workshop with 3D printers and laser cutters available...
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    If your concept of the role of the library is “a repositories of books,” you’re right. But I’d encourage you to visit...
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