Joshua Topolsky on the transition from MobileMe to iCloud:

That means that when the cutoff date of June 30, 2012 comes around for users, the web-based email client, calendar, contacts app, and other components of the web suite will cease to exist. You will no longer be able to log in and check your mail through a browser, change calendar events, or edit contacts.

For what it’s worth, I’ve heard this will not be the case.

While Apple absolutely is thinking native app-first with iCloud, there will still be a web presence. In fact, the apps found at should be ported to the new system — I just don’t think Apple is ready to talk about it yet (the transition is far off), which is why it wasn’t brought up at all.

Think about it: Apple just spent a lot of time recently redesigning the web apps. And they’re very good. Why scrap them when they will be useful to people on the go who simply don’t have their devices with them or can’t access them for some reason (like if they’re abroad and don’t want to pay crazy fees)?

Again, there is no doubt that Apple is pushing native over the what most of us consider to be the web today — that is, HTML rendered in a browser. But Apple is making the case that the magic going on behind these scenes to link their native apps is still the web. And they’re right.

And the real case they’re making is that front-end web apps still cannot compete with native apps. And they’re also right there. For now.

You know who else agrees? Google. That’s why Android exists. 

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