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A few video game notes: The PS4 controller has received near-unanimous praise for being one of the best controllers ever made. Most consoles launch fairly lacklustre -- the PS2 and DS had awful launch lineups. This iOS vs consoles narrative is at odds with how gamers actually look at this stuff -- it's like saying YouTube is going to destroy Hollywood. While tech pundits talk about Nintendo dying, they've sold close to 40m 3DSes, and are going into the holiday with a new Pokemon game.

Point 1: From what I’ve read, a lot of people are praising the PS4 controller, but mainly because the PS3 version was so bad. Also, the battery life on this one is apparently fairly awful. Overall, it still seems like people still like the Xbox controllers better, at least in my reading of the reviews.

Point 2: Sure, most console launches are fairly lackluster due to a lack of great games initially. But while this seems to be the case with the PS4, the parts of the reviews that worry me about the Xbox One are all about hardware/software included (or not included) with the system.

Point 3: Okay, except mobile gaming is already much larger than console gaming. And it will keep extending that lead. I’m not saying the consoles will be fully destroyed, just that they’ll be increasingly niche. And I wouldn’t be shocked to see at least two of the current players exit the space after this generation. 

Point 4: We’ve been over this. Some of Nintendo’s continued limited success (in one area, by the way) is masking very real and obvious problems with the business going forward. We’ll see. But sadly, I like my bet.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with your rebuttal.
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    Oh also Nintendo did just release a fucking Zelda game on the 3DS. Theres a whole lot of sales there. And Super Mario 3D...
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