Jason Feifer:

Chaim, it turned out, was Chaim Pikarski, an Orthodox Jewish man with a wispy red beard who seemed amused at my attempt to understand his business. He also knew his Hipe speaker would appeal to me, because that insight—knowing what people are searching for on Amazon—is at the core of what he does. He has an entire team of people who read reviews on Amazon, looking for moments when people say, “I wish this speaker were rechargeable.” Pikarski then makes a rechargeable version. Hipe exists, in essence, because enough people think like me. It’s a profitable trick: C&A Marketing does “in the nine figures” in sales every year, Pikarski says, and grows at about 30% annually.

Market-research-via-Amazon-customer-comments-as-a-business. Fascinating.

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    Fascinating indeed…
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    I read this article and found it really interesting. Quite a clever way to serve a real and emerging need in the market...
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    This concept is not new, but I love the execution. Market research via customer feedback is available in nearly every...