100% agree with everything Evan Williams lays out here.

I rarely type full domain names into the URL box anymore. I either Google something, let auto-complete do it, or use a bookmark. And yes, it reminds me of how I never actually type phone numbers or email addresses anymore.

I think that like the phone number keypad on smartphones, the URL box should always exist, but perhaps shouldn’t be the default visual way to bring up a page. As Williams notes, Chrome is moving away from this with the Omnibox which does both search and URL input. It’s something I really wish Apple would copy. Having a URL box and a separate search box is just a waste of space.

But here’s the part I agree with the most:

Too many startups have suffered a stupid name to get the domain that fit.

It’s ridiculous the names we see now that are fully built around what .com is available. That’s one of the lamest/dumbest aspects of the past ten years in the startup space.

If you’re starting a company, you should pick the name that you think best represents that company and your vision. You should not be “Edishesing” because edishesing.com was available. 

If your product is good enough, people will find it. The URL should be a secondary concern at best. And thank god we’re getting to the point where it can be.

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