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Have you tried the Nexus 5? As someone who has moved from Android to iPhone I am starting to get that 'itch'. Would going from a iPhone 5s to the Nexus 5 be a total shit storm?

I just got one a couple weeks back. Still testing out (iPhone 5s is still my primary, obviously). It seems very fast. The screen is beautiful. The camera leaves a lot to be desired, but apparently they’re trying to fix that through software. We’ll see.

Short answer: if you care about photography, you probably won’t want to switch back. Or if you use Verizon (which I do), you can’t. Otherwise, seems like a great device — best Android device I’ve used yet, though I haven’t had too much time with the Moto X.

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    I definitely have to say: the Nexus 5 is a beautiful device, and I think I would choose it over the Moto X, even though...
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    Would love to see an “iPhone User’s Take on the Nexus 5” post.
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    Moto X has the same camera issues
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