A Long December (For Google)

So Google formally unveiled Google+ today, their don’t-call-it-a-social-network social network. I only played around with it for a few minutes last week, but it looks good. And I do mean it actually looks good, which is surprising from Google.

And now it’s time for some horn-tooting. In December of last year, we were all over this still-developing story. And it was surprising last week to find out just how dead-on we were seven months prior to its launch.

December 1, 2010:

Google’s Social Product Is Codenamed “Emerald Sea”

True. Emerald Sea was the name of the internal Google+ project.

December 2, 2010:

Google Toying With Naming Social Product “Google +1″ As Sergey Brin Gets Involved

Also true. Google did toy around with this name before naming the button +1 and the network Google+ (which is still a bit confusing). Sergey Brin was involved early on, but in recent months has been working on other top-secret projects, I’m told. Instead, it was Larry Page who was actually more involved leading up to release.

December 4, 2010:

Google’s Possible “+1″ iPhone App, Facebook Similarities, And Social “Loop” Groups

There is (will be when it’s approved) an iPhone app. The network when tied together is more similar to Facebook than some people were predicting. And yes, groups are a huge part of Google+ — though they’re now called “Circles” and not “Loops”. 

Also mentioned in that post is that we had heard Facebook caught wind of Circles/Loops and went into “lockdown” to create the new Facebook Groups last summer. This we believe to also be true.

December 7, 2010:

CONFIDENTIAL! Looks Like “Google +1″ Was Just Accidentally Revealed (Pic)

While it’s now black and things are switched around a bit, the toolbar is in fact a key to Google+.

December 17, 2010:

Another Key Feature Of Google +1: Massive-Scale Social Video Conferencing

Yep. This is the Hangouts feature.

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