Alistair Barr on the impending launch of “Pantry”, a new project by Amazon to take on bulk players like Costco and Sam’s Club:

The service will be targeted at existing members of Amazon’s Prime shipping program. It will launch with about 2,000 products typically found in the center of grocery stores, such as cleaning supplies, kitchen paper rolls, canned goods like pet food, dry grocery items like cereal and some beverages.

Amazon will let Prime shoppers put as many of these items into a set sized box, up to a specific weight limit. If the products fit and they don’t exceed the maximum weight, Amazon will ship the box for a small fee.

The only thing surprising here is that Amazon didn’t move into this space sooner. This could, quite literally, be huge.

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    There is such an obvious play here that I’m shocked it doesn’t exist at this time. Both grocery stores and big-box...
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    Foreshadowing? Amazon vs. Pixar’s Buy ‘n Large.
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    This just makes me want to see a side-by-side environmental impact report on Big Box vs. Online consumerism all the...
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    This is fantastic because I hate Costco and Sam’s Club, and I also hate shopping for these things in Walmart, Target,...
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