The reviews are in.

Overall, it’s a resounding “meh”.

That’s pretty disappointing. I’ve always liked webOS. I had high hopes for the TouchPad. But it’s clear now that if HP does something great with webOS, it will not be this device. 

I just don’t get why you even bother releasing “meh” at this point? I can only assume HP doesn’t think it’s “meh”, but they are still human beings. They can still look at an iPad 2 and then look at the TouchPad and see there is a clear difference.

I understand the need to get something out there to get developers developing, but I have a hard time believing “meh” is going to get them excited either. It’s not like people are saying the lack of apps is the only problem (though it is definitely a big problem).

I wonder how many people would buy an iPad 1 over any other tablet on the market (not named iPad 2) right now? I bet almost everyone would. 

And that should say all you need to know about the specs race. There is no specs race. The only race that exists is the one for a distant second place. 

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