A Tale Of Two Twitter Personas

Over the past couple of days, I’ve lost something like 100 Twitter followers. Percentage-wise, it’s not a huge number. But I usually don’t lose Twitter followers on a daily basis.1 So what happened?

I tweeted about sports. A lot.

Twitter is a funny thing in this regard. We’re (presumably) all dynamic individuals with a range of tastes, thoughts, and opinions on a wide spectrum of topics. But that’s not typically why people follow one another on Twitter. It’s usually for information/chatter about one topic, maybe two.

For me, given my background and line of work, that’s obviously technology. But I too have other interests — shocking, I know. Film is definitely one. Beer is definitely another. And sports is way up there. Yes, some people in the tech industry are as obsessed with sports as anyone else in the world. Blasphemy!

Anyway, I like sports,2 and so I like to tweet about sports. And this really annoys a certain segment of my Twitter followers, to the point where they unfollow me.

To be honest, I’m not sure how to deal with this. I’ve tried creating a separate account just for sports tweets, @22. But that feels unnatural (and it happens to get bombarded by stray @replies, mainly in Japanese). At least part of me is of the mindset that loving sports and talking trash about sports is a part of who I am. And if you don’t like that, then by all means, unfollow.

I’m not sure that’s exactly fair, but it is what it is. A lot of people have told me they appreciate when I use certain hashtags like #goblue, so they can block it from their stream with services like Tweetbot. But sometimes I get so excited that I have to do a “Holy Shit!" without a hashtag. And no one knows what the hell I’m talking about unless they happen to be watching the same game that I am.

I wish I knew a better way to solve this issue. I wish I didn’t drive people away. But I’ve really got nothing. I just really enjoy talking shit about the Dallas Cowboys. Especially when they inevitably lose. Like tonight. #Romo

  1. At least partially due to my TechCrunch affiliation and their large Twitter following, which spreads the wealth when I post there, no doubt. 

  2. In roughly this order: NCAA (football), NFL, MLB, NBA, Tennis, Golf, NCAA (basketball), Fútbol (though typically not MLS — at least not yet), NHL. 

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    For a while I had this as well. My “alternate identity” still exist in case I decide to revisit the idea.
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