Noah Davis spoke with John Kimmich of The Alchemist, a brewery in Vermont (makers of Heady Topper), about the craft beer explosion:

"Having money shouldn’t give you the ability to enjoy beer more than anyone else," Kimmich declares. "We make a good amount of money on it, but we’re not price-gouging. If it got to the point where we were selling it for $8 a can, all of our great fans at Phish shows or up at UVM wouldn’t be drinking it the way that they are. To charge $9 or $10 for something that is made and put out in three weeks isn’t right. It really takes advantage of the customer. We don’t think that it should be a privilege to drink beer. No matter what the demand is, we’ll keep it at $3."

How refreshing.

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    Doesn’t hurt that Heady Topper is the absolute best. I need to drive up and pick some up soon.
  6. bryan said: I’m sure you’ve had it, but Heady Topper is *the best*