giantcypress asked:

Given that you’re planning on regularly writing ~500 word posts, is there any way to not have to click on the “Read More” link to read the whole article? I’m not sure that forcing readers to click on a link to finish reading a post helps anything, and some of your link entries are as long as a ~500 word post would be. Allowing the whole post to be read on the front page would be of great help in terms of reading through your blog. Thanks!

I’ve thought about this quite a bit, actually. The main issue is that I don’t want these posts to overwhelm readers on either my site or on Tumblr. Even 500-word posts can be significantly longer than usual Tumblr fodder and interrupt the flow of the feed.

I know that I personally don’t like seeing these lengthy posts in my Tumblr feed — even if I want to read the post!

Having said that, I’m still thinking about it. I don’t love the “Read More” option either. I’m honestly just trying to make a better experience for followers, so your feedback is noted!

  1. rsiegel said: Yea that’s exactly the issue. Tumblr just isn’t built for substantial writing, and as a user it sucks to see super long stuff when most of it is only a few hundred px high. i would stick with the read more!
  2. caterpillarcowboy said: I would guess your post completion rate is significantly lower on posts that require a clickthrough.
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