David Carr on a resurgence in printed media:

Publishers who turned out under-designed and under-edited books and magazines in the Internet age have learned the hard way that consumers expect excellence in print. Just as McSweeney’s grand experimental newspaper Panorama suggested in 2009, and as big, beautiful magazines like Vogue prove every month, print is not dead, it simply has some very specific attributes that need to be leveraged. Good printed work includes a mix of elements in which juxtaposition and tempo tell their own story, the kind of story best told with ink and paper.

I largely agree with this. Rather than simply thinking that material published on the web and material published on a page are the same thing, it’s better if both sides play to the strengths of their respective mediums. Wallpaper* magazine is another that strikes me as doing this well.

And, of course, there’s always books as art.

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