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So what you think about Pebble Steel? But i think they should make screen bigger rather limited themselves from the black border around it and they should remove pebble logo on it or move it to clasp. But they just follow other who did this like TAG Heuer, Omega, i could go on and they could make themselves different rather than follow other who already did this for over past century. so what you think?

I’m a fan of the original Pebble (I have an orange one), but I’m not so sure about the Steel. While the stated emphasis is on elegance and quality, it simply doesn’t look that great to my eye. Of course, that’s only me seeing it from afar in the pictures from CES. But I’d be shocked if I liked the look and feel of the Steel in person.

I still don’t really understand why all these companies are insisting on making wearables that look exactly like watches. I mean, I get it, of course. But I think it’s short-sighted. I think the first such device that is really successful won’t look anything like a standard watch. The only thing it will have in common is that it’s worn on your wrist.

These are tiny computers, they’re not watches. They’re not for telling time. That’s just one app. See also: the iPhone.

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    Okay, the original question is barely readable, but I will give my reaction/opinion on what I believe it says. So, the...
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    This is such an important point. What is so depressing about the current crop/surge of wearables is how much they look...
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    A couple thoughts here: 1. As I previously mentioned on Twitter today, I didn’t like the design of the original Pebble...
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    This is an interesting remark. I hope Apple try harder with the iWatch.
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