Ben Thompson:

In other words, instead of alleviating the problems facing PCs – no reason to buy – Windows 8′s increased complexity added a reason not to buy. That was certainly the case in my family: in early 2013, when my father asked me for advice on a Windows computer, I found myself advising him to seek out Windows 7. Were he to have had a suitable computer, I likely would have advised him to do nothing at all.

Good to see the shitshow I called right before the Windows 8 launch is now becoming crystal clear to everyone.

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    Yeah, it’s really sad to see that HP is actually advertising PC’s without windows 8, but if anyone didn’t see this shit...
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    I guess that’s why I integrated so easily into it because I pretty much only rely on shortcuts. Windows key + e is...
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    Ahhh shortcuts, this helped so much. I just got 8 and its been a pain in the ass trying to get everything slowly figured...
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    I would never call Windows 7 bloated. Compared to 8? Maybe, but 7’s a massive improvement in that area over previous...
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    And you never will. It’s fucking terrible. I loathe it.
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    Im looking forward to getting 8.1 down the line - I tend to wait until I get a new computer in a couple of years and...
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    well I had a lot of trouble navigating to even find the control panel, let alone navigate the control panel itself. A...
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    Someone wanted to force me into upgrading..I told them that I would stomp a hole in their chest.
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