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I am not a Windows user, but almost everything you say about Windows 8 strikes me as also being true of iOS 7, and I have been using iOS (and Mac OS X) since the very beginning. For example, iOS 7 is the reason I did not buy a new iPad and iPhone this year. I know Apple is hot and Microsoft is not, but other than that, are Windows 8 and iOS 7 really that different to you?

While I see where you’re coming from with this, and I actually agree about iOS 7 being kind of a nightmare, the difference in my mind is that one is about bugs (in particular with the interactions between the OS and the new 64-bit chips), the other is about a fundamental miscalculation of what the software should be.

I’m confident that Apple will be able to fix the bugs (word is that “iOS 7.1 is the true vision of iOS 7”), I’m not confident that Microsoft will be able to fix Windows 8. In fact, it sounds like they’re already admitting they can’t.

Bottom line: I’m a fan of the vision of iOS 7, I just can’t believe how buggy it is. When you consider that they were trying to keep the new 64-bit chips a secret leading up to launch, you likely have some sort of explanation for the bugs (though still incredibly un-Apple-like from a quality perspective).

Windows 8 should never have shipped the way it is. The “no compromise" approach was actually the opposite — it was a huge compromise. They should have picked one vision. Instead, we have traditional Windows users who hate all the Metro stuff and new Surface users who hate the traditional Windows stuff. It’s the worst of both worlds. A shitshow.

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    It seems 2013 was not a good year for Apple from a software perspective. iOS7 is full of bugs. Mavericks is full of...
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