Steven Lehrburger:

Because the new DM app would integrate directly with Twitter, it could automatically display tweets from a conversation’s participants in the thread itself. This is a simple feature, but one that other messaging apps also could not offer, and it would give users additional context in a variety of conversations. For large groups that outgrew the constraints of @-replies, these embedded tweets would make it easy for users to see what had already been said. For small groups, these embedded tweets would enrich the conversation by giving a sense of what other participants were thinking about.

A stand-alone Twitter chat (DM) app by itself isn’t that interesting. But an app that allowed you to easily injected (public) tweets to chat about could be very interesting. I know I already do this in other chat apps — that is, paste in a link to a tweet and then talk about it with a smaller group of people.

Also interesting: a chat app that injected your own tweets into a conversation to kickstart dialogue with friends.

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    Would be a nice move for social media to actually integrate into non media socializing.
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    Pour one out for Brizzly Picnics which extracted tweets in inline chats as well. Looking forward to it either way.
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    Early versions of Potluck did pretty much exactly this.
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    Automatic injection of my tweets into chat would be a deal breaker. Having the *option* is fine, but I don’t need my...
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