Ben Kuchera has a few good thoughts on how to save Nintendo:

Some ideas? Get aggressive about releasing Nintendo’s back catalog of NES, SNES, Game Boy, and Nintendo 64 games, and make sure each purchase works across all your devices. If you buy Mario 64 to play on your Wii U, you should be able to also play on your 3DS. Nintendo’s collection of amazing games from the past is one of its biggest strengths, and it’s rarely leveraged in a serious way.

Even better? Offer classic games in higher resolution. Emulators and hacked-together programs have allowed players to enjoy Nintendo classics with updated graphics, maybe it’s time to start offering this option in a way that allows players to support the company directly. The downside is that this approach would limit the ability to make a big deal out of games like The Wind Waker HD, but these releases don’t happen with any regularity.

Right now, most people view Nintendo’s inability to compete on the future of gaming with the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and others as a huge negative. But the focus should be on the past. That’s Nintendo’s strength. All that great IP. They should should play to their “weakness” and turn it into a strength.

Imagine a simple $99 - $199 box that focused on the ability to play retro Nintendo games as well as updated versions (better graphics, more levels, etc) of old classics. Nintendo could then start creating new, simple fun games for this box as well. And then they could open the box to third-parties to create their own simple titles ā€” and not just the large game studios, but independents. Again, with a focus on simplicity and fun.

In many ways, it would be the anti-Microsoft/Sony strategy. It would be borrowing a page out of Apple’s iOS playbook ā€” but again, with the benefit of all those years of great gaming IP and expertise.

Does anyone think such a box wouldn’t be a massive seller? Make it happen, Nintendo. Or stop wasting time and start moving your games over to iOS.

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    I believe in nintendo — we want you back.
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    Nintendo, why don’t you want my money?!?
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    This box does exist. It’s called the Nintendo Wii… Large back catalog, emulation and more.
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