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I'm in the same place you are with my iPad Air (I really like the Logitech Fabricskin keyboard myself). My stumbling block is the need to refer to notes or other research material (a pdf, an article, etc.) while writing. I have gotten used to having them open and on the same screen at the same time, which is far less distracting than switching back and forth on a tablet. How are you overcoming this limitation?

Understood. The solution for me has simply been fast app switching. It’s not as fast, as screen-swiping on OS X (or having two documents open at the same time, of course), but the four-finger gestures for iOS work pretty well. Hopefully future iOS versions will address this further.

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    I honestly find the four finger side swipe to be plenty good enough when referring to a source in one or two other apps...
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    In the iPad mail app, the mailboxes open up without closing your current email. Having a way to open that kind of pop-up...
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