Serkan Toto relaying information from The Nikkei, claiming Nintendo is going to make the following announcements on Thursday:

But Nintendo will not simply put Mario, Pokemon or other games on smartphones. According to the report, Nintendo plans to use Android and/or iOS devices (not confirmed at this point) to market its console games.

To be more concrete, The Nikkei writes that Nintendo wants to use smartphones to expand its potential user base by spreading information about new game releases, i.e. by using video to introduce future titles. (This will probably happen through some kind of official Nintendo app.)

In addition, Nintendo is said to be planning to put so-called “mini games” on smartphones, playable demos of console games – content that can only be purchased in full on Nintendo hardware. The reasoning here is to give smartphone-only players a taste of the experience without making the actual game available on non-Nintendo devices and convert these users into Nintendo customers.

If this is accurate, it will go absolutely nowhere. And it’s actually even more concerning that Nintendo would consider this a “solution”. But it is in line with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s previous comments.

I’m not saying Nintendo needs to port all the games to mobile immediately, but there are certainly better ideas out there. This sounds like a lame marketing ploy, nothing more.

[via @viticci]

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