This was both inevitable and makes sense. While Netflix seems surprised by continued demand for DVDs, they also know that this will die over time. And whether they’ll admit it or not, this move will further help facilitate that demise.

The future is streaming, not physical media.

I do like how Netflix is very upfront and clear about the pricing changes. What was previously $9.99 (DVDs plus Streaming) will now be $15.98 (DVDs and Streaming as two separate plans).

That’s a big hike. But again, inevitable, and the right thing to do from a business perspective. 

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    From a $$$ perspective it makes sense. For customers, it blows.
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    Streaming is convenient for me, but I need more selection in their streaming catalog.
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    Bundling has been the right thing to do when there was oligopolistic competition, but in a field as fluid as this, if...
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    This change is interesting because it doesn’t follow normal pricing rules. Typically, companies are motivated to bundle...
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    It feels to me like they’ve priced themselves into a corner. $7.99 for streaming seems underpriced, given the licensing...
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    Sorry, Netflix. I don’t think this was the right route. I didn’t have a problem when you took the DVD + streaming plan...
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    Darn, and I had just downgraded my Netflix from 2-DVDs-at-a-time+streaming to 1-DVD-at-a-time+streaming, to save $5. I’m...
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