Jon Irwin on the odd Nintendo’s announcements last week:

Their solution? Yet to be fully disclosed. But Iwata dripped tantalizing details that may well flourish into the next unforeseen sensation. In a landscape obsessed with wearable technology, Nintendo hopes to base this new health-centric vision on something called “non-wearables.” The term itself feels like a joke, the nonsensical feint of a sore loser sick of being bullied. Oh you drink water to stay alive? I’ll drink rocks! You breathe oxygen? Ha, I’m going to breathe paint fumes! The future is wearables, you say?… Non-wearables it is! Nintendo, once again, has decided to zag where everyone else thinks it should zig.

Unlike most folks, myself included, he’s bullish. I hope he’s right. I fear he’s not. This sounds like a whole lot of hand-waving to me — and not the Wiimote variety.

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    I have to agree with MG Siegler on this one. It sounds like something to keep investors happy enough to not totally tank...
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