15,000 (Or So) Words

At the beginning of January, I pledged to write 500 words a day. Just over one month later, I’m here to admit that it hasn’t been easy. In fact, it seems preposterous that it has only been a month.

The truth is that it’s both easier and harder to write 500 words on a daily basis than I imagined. When I actually sit down to do it, it’s actually fairly easy. When I start thinking about something, the words usually flow. But it’s the sitting down that’s the hard part.

As a result, I usually find myself waiting until the very end of the evening to write — like right now. It’s 11:50pm. I have 10 minutes and 400 words to go. Knowing myself, I know I like this self-inflicted deadline. I always have.

Anyway, the first 30 days has been both good and bad. I’ve sincerely enjoyed forcing myself to write. But I’ve also loathed the idea of writing on certain days when I’m especially busy with work or well, life. So I’m going to ease my burden a bit.

I still plan to write most days. But perhaps not every day. Truth be told, I did actually skip one day this past month — January 31 — and no one seemed to notice. I think skipping a day here and there is fine.

I do worry about being sloppy with this. But I also know that I’ve gotten quite a bit of joy out of this experiment. I do actually enjoy writing, so I do genuinely want to do it almost every day. But not quite every day.

I’d also like to focus on writing slightly shorter posts. I find those seem to resonate the best with you, my audience. 500 words isn’t a lot, but it can seem like a lot at first glance in our busy lives. So maybe something like this post, at 300 or so words, is better.

Anyway, just some brief thoughts a month (or so) in. Thanks for reading.

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