All Things Chickenshit Redux

A few weeks ago, John Gruber called out a site for not citing their source on a story they had written up. It was a lame move not to mention MacStories by name, but you could argue that at least they did link to them. That’s something.

Gruber’s gripe led the site to go back and alter the wording, giving full credit (though they claimed to have independently gotten the info). 

That site was AllThingsD. And today they’re back with some new jackassery.

In this post, the same author of the previous incident, Ina Fried, states the following:

Last week, he spun off his last venture, photo-sharing service picplz, as a separate entity, retaining an ownership stake and a spot on the board, but ceasing day-to-day operational control.

Fried is referring to Dalton Caldwell, who, as TechCrunch first reported, did spin off PicPlz. But here’s the problem. Fried reports it as happening “last week”, but that’s not true at all. The spin-off actually happened six weeks ago. I knew this information when I wrote the story, but I didn’t include it, because I didn’t think it was particularly relevant. But it has turned out to be a great trap!

What Fried is essentially saying by saying “last week” is that she read our report from last week and assumed it happened at that time (a fair assumption, but an incorrect one!). How can one do such a thing and still get away without citing or linking? Well, it’s clearly a pattern of jackassery.

Update: Lest I forget yesterday, here’s another AllThingsD post at least citing TechCrunch — but no link. 

Update 2: Just as before, when called out, AllThingsD added in the link. Funny how that works.

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