Patrick J. Kiger on Lynsi Snyder, the 31-year-old president of In-N-Out:

And indeed, while Snyder has walked through darkness a few too many times for a woman seemingly born to a life of privilege, her fearless, thrill-loving race car driver side is balanced by an oddly incongruous caution when it comes to running the company she inherited.

“In the business world, I’m much more conservative, much more old-fashioned,” she says. “I’m not as much into taking risk. … On those personality tests, I come out as a choleric-sanguine, a combination of opposites: an organized, careful leader, but also fun-loving and free-spirited.”

Snyder’s conservative, risk-averse side, though, is a good fit for In‑N‑Out Burger, which has two core principles: 1) Don’t change anything, and 2) Concentrate on doing the same things you’ve always done, as well as humanly possible.

In other words, focus on what works.

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